Secondary schools resume smoothly

May 27, 2020

The Education Bureau said it is content with the overall situation concerning the resumption of Secondary 3 to 5 classes today.


Regarding class resumption, Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung met with school sponsoring bodies, school councils and secondary school head associations earlier on, and the bureau's staff contacted secondary schools in the districts to understand their preparation for class resumption.


After contacting some schools this morning, the bureau’s staff noted that their operation was generally smooth as they implemented various anti-epidemic measures including checking the body temperature of students and visitors and maximising space in classrooms and school premises to ensure social distancing.


The bureau reminded parents to arrange masks for their children, measure their body temperature daily before leaving home and prevent them from attending school if they feel unwell.


According to the bureau's plan, Primary 4 to Secondary 2 students will resume classes on June 8 while upper kindergarten to Primary 3 students will resume classes on June 15.


The bureau said it is thankful to all principals, teachers and other school personnel for the large amount of preparation work done for class resumption.


During the class suspension period, they supported students and parents to facilitate students to learn at home to achieve the goal of suspending classes without suspending learning.


The bureau noted that there were illegal assemblies in a number of districts today that disturbed public order and that some young people wearing school uniforms were arrested. It called the events heartbreaking and worrying.


It urged students to treasure the opportunity of being able to return to school and stressed that they should never take part in any activities that are illegal or pose a threat to their personal safety.


The bureau encouraged students to be law-abiding and remain safe by going home immediately after school and avoiding dangerous areas.

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