Subsidy disbursements continue

May 26, 2020

The Office of the Licensing Authority announced that it continues to disburse subsidies to successful applicants under the Club-house Subsidy Scheme, Amusement Game Centres Subsidy Scheme and the Mahjong/Tin Kau Licence Holder Subsidy Scheme.


Set up under the Anti-epidemic Fund, the three schemes provide a one-off subsidy of $100,000 respectively to eligible applicants whose businesses have been hard-hit by the COVID-19 epidemic and social distancing measures imposed by the Government.


As of today, 530 of the 565 applications received for the club-house scheme have been approved, and $53 million in subsidies have been disbursed.


Application periods for the game centre and mahjong/tin kau schemes will last until May 27. Subsidies of $19.2 million and $6.5 million have already been disbursed.


Operators who wish to apply for a subsidy but have yet to do so should submit an application as soon as possible.


Enquiries can be made to 3107 3021 for the club-house scheme, 2116 5230 for the game centre scheme, or 2117 2977 for the mahjong/tin kau scheme.

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