Runway incident being probed

May 23, 2020

The Civil Aviation Department is investigating a runway incident that occurred at Hong Kong International Airport yesterday evening, during which no one was injured and the airport's operation was not affected.


The department’s initial investigations have revealed that at about 6.15pm yesterday, Federal Express MD11 freighter (flight number: FX9741) coming in from Anchorage was approaching the South Runway, while a Hong Kong Airlines A330 airliner (flight number: HX765) with no passengers on board leaving for Bangkok, was on its take-off run.


Before landing, the crew of the Federal Express freighter noticed the aircraft ahead had not fully left the runway and decided to execute a missed approach.


The Hong Kong Airlines airliner was not affected and took off as normal.


The Federal Express freighter landed uneventfully from another approach after completing the missed approach.


According to preliminary information, when the Federal Express freighter commenced the climb during the missed approach, the two aircraft were more than 1.7km apart.


The department has reported the incident to the Air Accident Investigation Authority in accordance with the established mechanism.

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