$240m disbursed to property sector

May 23, 2020

More than 6,900 applications for the Anti-epidemic Support Scheme for Property Management Sector have been approved, involving subsidies of over $240 million.


The approved subsidies will benefit more than 31,600 building blocks and 60,700 frontline property management workers.


The scheme, which has received over 8,900 applications as of today, was launched under the Anti-epidemic Fund to subsidise owners' organisations or property management companies of buildings to provide the Anti-epidemic Hardship Allowance to frontline property management workers.


It will also provide the Anti-epidemic Cleansing Subsidy to owners' organisations or property management companies.


Phase one of the scheme covers private residential and composite buildings, while phase two covers industrial and commercial buildings, including shopping malls.


The application deadline for phase one is May 31 and June 15 for phase two.


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