Kevin Yeung inspects school

May 22, 2020
Well prepared
Well prepared:

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung (left) inspects the epidemic prevention measures at Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College, including the selling of food and drinks from the tuck shop on different floors to minimise the number of students queuing at one location.

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung today visited Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College in Sai Ying Pun to learn more about the school’s preparation work for the resumption of Secondary 3 to 5 classes on May 27.


All secondary schools are preparing a healthy and safe environment for class resumption, including adjusting teaching arrangements and strengthening precautionary measures against COVID-19.


Mr Yeung learnt that the school, like others, has stepped up its cleanliness and disinfection.


When classes resume, the school will operate on a half-day basis to avoid the risk of meal gatherings. All teachers and students, upon arrival at school, must wear masks, sanitise their hands, have their body temperature checked and make a health declaration.


In the classroom, the school has made the best use of space to arrange students to sit in single rows in a “face-to-back” setting.


Teachers will avoid group discussion activities to minimise close contacts among students. Students must also maintain an appropriate social distance from one another during recess and when queuing for toilets and tuck shops.


Primary 4 to Secondary 2 classes are scheduled to resume on June 8, and Kindergarten 3 to Primary 3 classes on June 15.


“Since the announcement on class resumption was made in early May, there have been sporadic local confirmed cases in Hong Kong. But following a prudent assessment on the epidemic situation in consultation with medical experts, the Education Bureau considers that the class resumption plan could proceed as scheduled,” Mr Yeung said.


He stressed that the local epidemic situation could be volatile and that everyone must continue to stay vigilant.


He appealed to the public to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, adding that the bureau would keep a close eye on the epidemic situation.

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