Environment Bureau to offer 500 jobs

May 22, 2020

The Environment Bureau today announced plans to launch the Green Employment Scheme as an initiative to provide more than 500 time-limited jobs in the realm of environmental protection in the coming months.


The scheme will cover three categories of environmental protection work, namely Electric Vehicles (EVs) Popularisation, Use Less, Waste Less and Leave No Trace at Mountain & Sea.


The positions, both full-time and part-time, will last for six months to a year and are suitable for candidates with different skills and qualifications.


The Environmental Protection Department has created 30 Project Co-ordinator positions under the category of EV Popularisation to strengthen manpower in contacting and assisting property management companies, owners' corporations and owners' committees to participate in this pilot subsidy scheme.


Under the category of Use Less, Waste Less, 30 posts of Project Assistant will be created to assist in strengthening support for different waste reduction and recycling projects.


The Community Green Stations (CGS) will also offer, through their operators, 45 jobs that include Environmental Education Officers and Assistants.


The more than 100 jobs mentioned above will be open for recruitment next week through various channels such as newspapers and CGS Facebook pages.


The new recruits are expected to start reporting for duty from July to September.


Recruitment for the remaining 400 or so jobs under the scheme will begin in the coming months.


The jobs include 150 green ambassadors and 50 cleaning workers under Leave No Trace at Mountain & Sea, 50 eco-tour guides and artisans, 100 green ambassadors for beach cleaning, and environmental investigators for the preparation of the voluntary scheme on phasing out products containing microbeads.


Fifty waste reduction and recycling green ambassadors will be employed to strengthen the promotion of the Plastic-free School Lunch Pilot Scheme.

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