Masks for the needy ensured

May 5, 2020

(To watch the full press conference with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said that Hong Kong’s needy and disadvantaged will receive masks as part of the Government’s new mask distribution programme.


Mrs Lam made the announcement during a press conference this afternoon and explained that millions of donated masks will also be distributed to those in need.


“I have outlined six measures to distribute masks freely to the people of Hong Kong, and of course in so doing, we will take special account of the disadvantaged, the elderly and street sleepers. 


“So apart from being a member of the Hong Kong population, they will receive reusable masks. They will receive disposable masks. We have this mask distribution program together with a large number of non-governmental organisations, charity groups and self-help groups.


“So we will continue to work with them to distribute another three million masks, which were donated to us.”


Mrs Lam emphasised that should there be a shortage of masks set aside for the needy, the Government will use its own supply to cover the shortfall.


“I am announcing that if we run out of donated masks, but there is still a need from this disadvantaged groups, we will use the government masks - the masks that we procured which are supposed to be for our own use - and share these with the needy groups in society.


“That's a way to ensure that, in a public health situation that we are now in, the needs of the disadvantaged groups will be fully taken care of.”


In addition to distributing donated masks, the Government announced other measures on mask supplies that include handing out single-use and reusable masks to all Hong Kong residents and students in need.


Such measures also call for increasing the supply of masks to staff of elderly homes and cleaning workers employed by the Government's outsourced service contractors, as well as providing masks to private medical practitioners.

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