60k workers received allowance

May 4, 2020

Some 60,000 workers of over 340 contractors received the first round of allowance under the Anti-epidemic Fund, the Government said today.


The Government explained that it has been making use of the fund to provide allowances to eligible cleansing and security workers engaged by service contractors of the Government and Housing Authority.


Front-line cleansing workers, toilet attendants and security workers employed by the service contractors can receive a monthly allowance of $1,000 for a period of no fewer than four months throughout the epidemic period.


The first round of funding amounted to some $60 million.


Eligible workers who performed duties in March have received the $1,000 allowance applicable to that month.


Arrangements were made for the April allowance to be issued concurrently with the salary of that month.


Front-line workers are not required to submit any application for the allowance.


The departments and the Housing Authority entered into agreements with their contractors to ensure the transfer of the allowance to eligible workers. 


The Government said the allowance aims to provide financial support to cleansing and security staff engaged by service contractors in anti-epidemic efforts, and gives recognition for their committed services at this critical juncture.

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