Subsidy scheme applications set

April 24, 2020

Applications for Food & Environmental Hygiene Department subsidy schemes under the second round of the Anti-epidemic Fund will start on April 27.


They are the subsidy schemes for commercial bathhouse licence holders and places of public entertainment licence holders as well as the subsidy scheme for tenants of cooked food/light refreshment stalls at the department's markets.


Each licence holder of a commercial bathhouse will be provided with a one-off subsidy of $100,000.


While each public entertainment place licence holder will be provided with a one-off subsidy of $100,000 and $20,000 for each temporary licence holder.


Each tenant of cooked food/light refreshment stalls at markets will get a one-off subsidy of $50,000.


Licence holders can submit their applications in person or by mail. Market stall tenants can submit their applications to their corresponding District Environmental Hygiene Office or the corresponding Market Office.


The application deadline is May 27.


Upon receipt of the completed application form and supporting documents and after verification, the disbursement of subsidies can generally be made in two weeks by crossed cheques to the corresponding address indicated by licence holders and market stall tenants.


The application form and guidelines can be downloaded from the website or be obtained from District Environmental Hygiene Offices starting from April 27. Tenants of cooked food/light refreshment stalls can also obtain application forms from the corresponding Market Office.

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