Anti-epidemic subsidy extended

April 24, 2020

The Government today launched the second phase of the Anti-epidemic Support Scheme for Property Management Sector to extend the subsidy coverage to industrial buildings and commercial buildings.


Under the Anti-epidemic Fund, the second phase provides financial support to frontline property management workers assisting in cleansing and security work, who serve industrial or commercial buildings, including shopping malls.


Taking into account that these buildings have more common areas and facilities, each industrial or commercial building block will be considered equivalent to two private residential building blocks when calculating the subsidy amount.


Eligible property management companies and owners' organisations will be subsidised to give each frontline property management worker a monthly Anti-epidemic Hardship Allowance of $1,000 for four months.


They will also receive a lump-sum Anti-epidemic Cleansing Subsidy for each eligible industrial or commercial building block, with the subsidy amount doubling the $2,000 level set for each private residential building block.


The application deadline is June 15.


Call 3696 1156 or 3696 1166 for enquiries.

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