CHP explains Peru infections

April 6, 2020

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The Centre for Health Protection today provided details about confirmed COVID-19 cases involving people who returned to Hong Kong from Peru.


The centre’s Communicable Disease Branch Head Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan said five Peru returnees tested positive for the virus and because three of them were touring with a group of 21 people, the rest of the tour group will be sent to a quarantine centre.


“There are a total of 65 returnees from Peru and 21 of them joined a tour (with) Morning Star Travel Service. Some of them joined the 24-day tour to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru and a few others joined the same tour but it was a 30-day tour. 


“They left Hong Kong on February 27 and stopped (the tour) there after the city was locked down. Three of them among this tour group have been confirmed (as COVID-19 cases). The rest of the 18 travellers who went together with the tour group members will be quarantined in the quarantine centre."


Dr Chuang also said one couple among the Peru returnees also tested positive for the virus but they did not have close contacts.


“For the couple who travelled there alone, they did not join the other tours and other Peru returnees. They did not mix with them. So there are no other close contacts for these two cases. The rest of the 65 returnees have all tested negative, so they will be sent back home for home quarantine.”


She also provided details about a COVID-19 case linked to a cluster of infections at karaoke bars.


The case involves a 48-year-old man who works in Windsor House in Causeway Bay. He began showing symptoms on March 23 and four days later his wife fell ill.


“For case number 903, he had mild symptoms of runny nose since March 23. That is probably why he continued to work until March 28, but with a mask on. Because his wife had developed symptoms on March 27 and was confirmed (as being infected) on April 2, he was sent (to undergo) testing yesterday.”


Dr Chuang explained that the man wore a mask while working, but he did not do so when he attended a farewell gathering at a karaoke bar with several colleagues.


“During his work, he would usually (put) a mask on and (work) with around 20 colleagues in a shop. But they had a farewell (gathering) with a colleague on March 25, with five to six colleagues together but we need to double check (the numbers). 


“We plan to send all of these close contacts to the quarantine centre. I understand that one or two of them developed symptoms. That is why they will not be sent to a quarantine centre, they will be sent to the hospital for testing.”


The centre also announced it is investigating 24 additional confirmed COVID-19 cases, involving 14 males and 10 females aged between three and 64.


Among them, 18 had a travel history during the incubation period and three are overseas students. 


For information and health advice on COVID-19, visit the Government's dedicated webpage.

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