Bar closure directions explained

April 2, 2020

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


A further spread of COVID-19, which originated from people who had been to bars, prompted the Government to order the closure of bars and pubs.


Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan made the statement today when explaining the latest directions under the Prevention & Control of Disease (Requirements & Directions) (Business & Premises) Regulation to reporters.


“First of all, we are seeing more and more cases. Secondly, we are also seeing secondary as well as tertiary spread among people who have been to bars.”


Prof Chan explained that the Government has already put in place infection control measures to prevent the further spread of the virus.


“But then when we see that there are these secondary and also tertiary transmissions, that is, through the contact tracing done by the Centre for Health Protection, it really rang the bell that we cannot allow the transmissions to continue.


“If we look at these secondary and tertiary transmissions, it was really in the last two days that the Centre for Health Protection had done the contact tracing.


“So that's why we have moved swiftly and decided today that we should close these bars and also pubs.”

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