Record daily rise in infections

March 27, 2020

 (To watch the full media briefing with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Hong Kong confirmed 65 new COVID-19 infections today, the biggest daily rise in cases, with more than half involving those with a travel history, the Centre for Health Protection said.


The centre’s Communicable Disease Branch Head Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan announced the record figure at a press briefing on the latest COVID-19 situation, noting that many of the cases were also linked to a cluster involving musicians who had played at some bars on Hong Kong Island.


"One of them is a performer among the 10 cases confirmed today, it is case number 513. The others are workers, either a chef or waitress or supervisor or management of these bars. Four of them are working in Dusk Till Dawn, and some of them work as chefs in All Night Long, some are from Insomnia. So far we have identified around 16 visitors of these bars.


“We have a record high number of cases today, but mainly over half of them are still travellers, and those without travel history they are mainly clustered with the bars and the visitors and the workers, so I think they are epidemiologically linked to the bars and the restaurants and the visitors.”


Dr Chuang added that community transmission had occurred, but it was not on the level of an outbreak.


“There are only one or two cases without identifiable links yet, so I think the situation is more or less the same as yesterday, but of course we are closely monitoring the situation.


“I understand that community transmission definitely has happened, but it may not be to the major extent of a community outbreak.”


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