Police concerned about virus case

March 25, 2020

Police today expressed concern over a COVID-19 case in which a 22-year-old female police officer preliminarily tested positive for the virus.


The officer, stationed at Sham Shui Po Police Station, is posted to a patrol sub-unit and had no travel history in the past 14 days.


While on duty yesterday, she felt unwell and was not involved in frontline duties that required interaction with the public.


She later went to a hospital for treatment and preliminarily tested positive for the virus.


In the interest of public health, Police have deployed several measures.


All officers working in Sham Shui Po Police Station are required to wear masks, and everyone entering the station needs to have their body temperature measured in order to ensure health safety.


Police have sterilised all facilities in the Police station concerned, including the report room and vehicles. 


Officers have been reminded to reduce social contact to minimise risks of infection and deploy resources flexibly to ensure emergency services of the relevant district are not affected.


Police will maintain close communication with the Department of Health and provide assistance in tracing the pathology by proactively providing information such as the duty record and roster of the officer concerned.


Arrangements will also be made for close contacts to undergo quarantine at quarantine centres.

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