More virus test centres to be set up

March 25, 2020

(To watch the whole media briefing with sign language interpretation, click here.) 


The Hospital Authority today announced that it will set up COVID-19 triage and test centres in some of its accident and emergency (A&E) departments in hospitals from this week to alleviate pressure on public hospitals’ in-patient isolation facilities.


Hospital Authority Chief Manager (Patient Safety & Risk Management) Dr Sara Ho described the measure in a press conference this afternoon.


She explained that by establishing temporary testing centres at AsiaWorld-Expo and North Lantau Hospital for people arriving in Hong Kong, the authority has been able to reserve hundreds of isolation beds for patients who test positive for the virus.


“We started the test centres on March 20. Up till today at 6pm, we have been operating for five and a half days. We have tested around 370 cases and 13 of them tested positive. So in other words, we have saved around 350 beds - isolation bed facilities.


“In the past, these patients with travel history and symptoms would be admitted to our isolation facilities for further investigation and treatment.


“Because we have an increasing pressure on the need for isolation rooms, this is why we started the pilot project to set up the testing centres in AsiaWorld-Expo and also North Lantau Hospital.


“So for patients who need a bit more medical attention, such as the elderly, we will send those patients to North Lantau Hospital. For younger patients - fit and young with mild symptoms, we will order an investigation in the AsiaWorld-Expo.


“We find that this setup has helped to alleviate the pressure on our in-patient isolation facilities. So that is why we are also trying to set up similar triage and test centres in some of our accident and emergency departments in hospitals.”

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