Gov't welcomes club closures

March 24, 2020

The Government has welcomed the closure of sports and recreational facilities in various clubs in support of its anti-epidemic strategy and hopes more organisations will follow suit.


The Government yesterday announced a series of enhancements to anti-epidemic measures.


Among them, clubs on private recreational leases were requested to close the recreational and sports facilities, changing rooms and children's playrooms on their premises to promote the reduction of social contact and gatherings.


The Government also appealed to other private clubs and facilities in residential complexes to adopt the same measure to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.


The Home Affairs Bureau issued letters yesterday to lessees of all 65 sites granted by way of private recreational leases to require them to close all sports and recreational facilities as soon as practicable until further notice.


The Government is pleased to note that some clubs today closed the relevant facilities accordingly to support the its anti-epidemic work, adding that the Home Affairs Bureau will continue to follow up on the measure's execution.


Some private clubs outside of the category mentioned above also took the initiative to respond to the Government's appeal.


For example, the Hong Kong Club closed from tonight, providing only food take-out services for members, while the Jockey Club will suspend all its recreational facilities and large-scale banquets starting tomorrow.


Welcoming the move, the Government said that voluntary participation by more organisations will help build social momentum toward fighting the disease together.


On the proposal to legislate for the temporary prohibition of the sale and supply of alcoholic drinks by restaurants, bars and clubs with liquor licences, as pointed out by the Chief Executive in her response to the media this morning, this is a very difficult issue and the Government is willing to continue to listen to the industry and the community's views for further study.

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