CE, top officials donate salary

March 6, 2020

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today wrote to the Community Chest of Hong Kong attaching a donation of $10,805,250 in cheques worth a month's salary from herself and politically appointed officials.


Forty-three officials comprising secretaries of departments, directors of bureaus, the Director of the Chief Executive’s Office, under secretaries and political assistants joined Mrs Lam in donating their salary.


The salary donation showed that the governing team is fighting the disease and riding out the difficult times with the public.


Through establishing the $30 billion Anti-epidemic Fund and the 2020-21 Budget delivered by the Financial Secretary recently, the Government has rolled out various measures to relieve the epidemic’s impact on various sectors and the general public.


Many civic-minded organisations and bodies have also responded to calls for assistance by lending a hand to the underprivileged proactively to help them tide over the difficult times.


The Community Chest Anti-NCP Rainbow Fund was set up earlier to take care of people’s financial needs and deliver care kits to grassroots citizens.


The Government said with its years of experience in helping disadvantaged people, the Community Chest will play an important role at this critical moment by allocating donated funds to community-serving organisations, so that people in need continue to receive support.

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