Smooth return of public services

March 2, 2020
Health protection
Health protection:

Secretary for the Civil Service Joshua Law (second left) visits the Official Languages Division to learn more about epidemic prevention strategies there.

The Government announced that departments and bureaus resumed more public services today in a smooth and orderly manner.


Secretaries of departments and directors of bureaus visited departments under their purview to learn more about targeted measures implemented to protect their staff and the public’s health.


Flexible working hours have been introduced for staff using public transport during peak hours to minimise social contact.


A roster system has been adopted to reduce the number of staff working in an office at any one time and staggered lunch hours have been arranged.


With regard to the COVID-19 situation, the Government has implemented various infection control measures at government buildings and offices to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of the virus.


Such measures include enhanced cleansing of public facilities, such as lifts and escalators, checking the body temperature of people entering government buildings, and providing alcohol hand sanitiser.


Bureaus and departments have also restricted the number of visitors at any one time via scheduled appointments, quota system and drop boxes.


The Government said it will stay vigilant as fighting the epidemic remains its top priority.


It added that bureaus and departments will continue to implement strategies to reduce social contact and encourage infection control as it gradually resumes more public services.

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