Mask production plan to launch

February 28, 2020

(To watch the whole press conference with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Local Mask Production Subsidy Scheme will be open for applications next week, Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau said today.


Responding to media enquiries on the 2020-21 Budget initiatives concerning the bureau, Mr Yau noted the growing global COVID-19 epidemic makes it more difficult for Hong Kong to acquire sufficient surgical masks and protective equipment.


He said, in addition to direct procurement and using technology to develop recyclable masks, the Government is also launching the scheme to set up mask production lines in Hong Kong.


“I would say this is a short to medium term solution, so that we won’t be 100% relying on sources outside of Hong Kong.


“Now for this scheme to be launched, it will depend on whether we are able to bring back some production lines. There are certain factors of production that are essential; availability of machines, materials, clean rooms and also certifications.


“That’s the reason why we have to ask the Hong Kong Productivity Council, as our technical partner, to screen proposals which can provide all of these factors of production with a view to setting up production lines. That will be done in an open and fair manner.”


The council will announce the scheme’s details and start inviting applications next week, Mr Yau added.


"Basically we are looking at the possibility of bringing back the production lines, irrespective of what their background would be, so it will be done in that fashion.”

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