Electric vehicle roadmap update

February 27, 2020

(To watch the whole press conference with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Secretary for the Environment KS Wong today said the Government will engage stakeholders in formulating Hong Kong’s first electric vehicle (EV) roadmap.


While addressing media enquiries on 2020-21 Budget initiatives under the Environment Bureau, Mr Wong explained that the Government will need a year to draft the roadmap’s framework, including its vision and target.


“It’s too early yet to tell you too much details, but we are seeing some other cities or countries setting targets, like phasing out conventional fossil fuel private vehicles by 2040 or something like that.


“So, they are providing us reference for consideration in mapping out the roadmap.”


Mr Wong added that in their consideration process, the roadmap will cover different kinds of vehicles.


“Broadly speaking, it will cover the e-private cars, obviously, and then other commercial vehicles. Initially minibuses, taxies, lorries and buses are the obvious aspects in need of consideration.


“There are three supporting considerations, about the handling of batteries, about manpower, how to support the repairer etc., and then the EV charging infrastructures.


 “So this is the framework initially in our mind, and through the year’s process, we will certainly engage the relevant stakeholders, so that we can have a pretty good roadmap for our EV popularisation in the long run.”

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