Virus confirmed at temple

February 25, 2020

(To watch the whole press briefing with sign language interpretation, click here)


The Centre for Health Protection today said the COVID-19 virus was detected after tests were conducted at a Buddhist temple in North Point.


The centre’s Communicable Disease Branch Head Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan explained that the tests returned two positive results revealing contamination on a bathroom tap handle and a prayer book.


“For the Fook Wai Ching She temple, we took a total of 33 environmental samples from the building, including the common areas such as the lift and also inside the temple. We found two positive samples - one is from the toilet tap handle and the other one is from the surface of the book.”


Dr Chuang said after taking steps to manage the findings, the centre will retake environmental samples to determine if contamination still exists.


“After we found this, we will see how we can manage the results concerning the books and other places. We might leave the place for a while and then retake the sample a few days later to see whether the place is still contaminated.”


For information and health advice on COVID-19, visit the Government's dedicated webpage.

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