More student subsidies announced

February 20, 2020

The Education Bureau today announced the provision of additional subsidies to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to alleviate the burden of schools and parents in paying extra expenses during the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic and class suspension.


Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung said that to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in schools and protect students' health, all schools temporarily suspended classes from early February. With the support of schools, students continue to learn at home during the class suspension.


"To alleviate parents' burden, a funding of about $900 million will be allocated from the Anti-epidemic Fund to be set up shortly to provide an additional $1,000 to each recipient of the Student Grant for the 2019-20 school year, i.e. increase from $2,500 to $3,500. This measure will benefit parents of about 900,000 students. No extra applications are necessary.


"We are already processing applications for the Student Grant in accordance with the original schedule. It is expected to effect payment of the first batch of the Student Grant of $3,500 within a week after the setting up of the Anti-epidemic Fund, followed by subsequent batches," Mr Yeung announced.


On supporting schools, the bureau will deploy existing resources to provide a one-off grant to all schools offering a full and formal curriculum to help them replenish their epidemic prevention equipment or clean their school premises and pay for other expenses related to epidemic prevention.


The provision is estimated to be $42 million, benefitting some 2,200 schools.


The subsidy rate ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 per school, depending on the type and size of the school.


The bureau will also provide a separate one-off additional grant for 21 aided special schools with a boarding section to guard against the epidemic.


The additional expenditure is estimated to be $2.25 million. The amount of the special grant is determined by their approved boarding capacity.


The bureau will also implement the measures for kindergartens, including using the student headcount in January this year as the basis for calculation of the monthly subsidy for those under the kindergarten education scheme during the class suspension period to ensure that there will be no reduction of government subsidies due to withdrawal of individual students during the period.


A lump sum grant will also be provided for all kindergartens, incurring an additional expenditure of $120 million.


The bureau will maintain close liaison with the school sector to continue to understand their concerns, follow up on the details of the above-mentioned measures and to provide appropriate support.

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