$25b fund for virus fight

February 14, 2020

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive Carrie Lam has announced the Government will set up a $25 billion fund to help local residents and businesses tide over the coronavirus situation.


“Today’s initiative to announce the setting up of this fund with an estimated amount of $25 billion, is again one of those commitments to the people of Hong Kong. So my biggest concern now is really for us to overcome this public health crisis together, so that we can then focus on relaunching Hong Kong and rebuilding Hong Kong’s economic strength.”


During a press conference today with principal officials, Mrs Lam noted that since it was first notified of the virus in December, the Government had put in every effort to fight it.


She also vowed that the Government would continue to work very hard based on its good public health experience, the expertise of its advisory panel, the dedication of colleagues, as well as the amount of resources it was prepared to put into the fight against the disease.


The Chief Executive acknowledged that $25 billion was a large amount, but stressed that Hong Kong was facing an almost unprecedented situation that was still evolving.


“This time, the Government has taken some bold and decisive steps to help different sectors and to ensure that we can continue to undertake all the infection control measures that have been put in place.


“If the public and members of the Legislative Council do feel that each and every one of these initiatives is necessary, then the amount is not the most important factor. Because if you want to do all these things, then you need to get the money.”


Mrs Lam added that the measures were justified and took into account feedback from the public, various sectors and Legislative Council members.

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