Patient discharge criteria explained

February 12, 2020

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Patients infected with novel coronavirus must test negative for the virus twice and be clinically stable before they can be discharged.


Hospital Authority Chief Manager (Patient Safety & Risk Management) Dr Sara Ho made the statement at a press conference today, where she said the patient involved in the 18th infection case had been discharged.


Dr Ho explained that patients must be clinically stable and their symptoms must have improved before they can be discharged.


“We had done two confirmation tests that are negative for coronavirus. Those tests should be done at least 24 hours apart, so this is our discharge criteria.”


She advised that discharged patients should take the same hygiene precautions as the general public, including staying at home and avoiding crowded places, along with wearing a mask in public places and ensuring hand hygiene.


Dr Ho added that there are currently about 42 patients in stable condition and some of them are waiting for negative confirmatory tests.


“I would expect a few of them could be discharged today later in the evening or in the coming few days.”

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