Practices to counter disease

February 11, 2020

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Hand hygiene, wearing masks and social distancing are some of the most important practices used to counter the spread of novel coronavirus.


Hong Kong University Chair of Infectious Diseases Prof Yuen Kwok-yung made the statement during a press conference this afternoon, where he discussed ways to prevent a community outbreak.


Prof Yuen said: “The time-honoured measures that we mentioned about hand hygiene, masking and social distancing would always stand as the most important.”


He pointed out that many infection cases are caused by the spread of the virus within families.


“Even when you’re at home, be aware especially if your family members have symptoms. 


“We would advise at least the family members who have symptoms must wear a mask, even when you’re at home. And of course, the environmental cleansing of the home environment is also very important.”


As the virus can be spread in areas such as restaurants, workplaces, hotels and hospitals, Prof Yuen emphasised that people should remain highly vigilant of their personal hygiene.


He also said it is important to pay attention to sewer systems in buildings.


“Usually if you have infection acquired through the airborne route through the sewer system, the clinical manifestation can be very severe because the virus will go to the deepest part of the lungs and start a major infection and inflammation there, which can be very life-threatening.”

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