CE urges co-operation in virus fight

February 11, 2020

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive Carrie Lam has called on citizens to fully co-operate and participate in the fight against the novel coronavirus by staying at home as much as possible, particularly those subject to the Government’s compulsory quarantine order.


Mrs Lam made the appeal ahead of the Executive Council meeting this morning, after some residents were found to have breached their 14-day quarantine.


“In order to fight this virus, Hong Kong needs the full co-operation and active participation of every member of society. This is a time for social cohesion. This is a time for every one of us to display civic responsibility.”


She also acknowledged the difficulties in not going out for the full two weeks, but reminded those under quarantine that they were doing a service to the fight against the virus by staying at home, adding that she hoped they were not deliberately refusing to comply.


“They may have some personal reasons for wanting to go out for a while. So once we catch them we will issue a warning and then we may put the wristbands on them and we may send them to the quarantine centre, so that there is a better assurance that they will comply.”


Anyone who breaches the compulsory quarantine is subject to a fine of $25,000 and imprisonment for six months.


“These people will have to shoulder criminal liabilities if they do not comply with the conditions in the quarantine order. Like many other things, there are consequences for non-compliance. But if the individuals do not mind, they are willing to shoulder the criminal liabilities for not complying, then of course we will have to do the law enforcement actions.”


Mrs Lam also pointed out that the Government was providing quarantined residents with as much support as possible.


“We will do all we can through the various means to check their compliance. By using the WhatsApp software, by calling them up and also by random spot checks to their homes by the relevant officers. And we will continue to do so. 


“If they need support, and hence, they need to go out, then they could call our hotlines. The colleagues in the Home Affairs Department are running 37 hotlines and the Social Welfare Department has mobilised over 100 colleagues and volunteers to provide services like meals and medicine and other things.”


The Chief Executive also reiterated the Government’s appeal for the public to avoid some social interactions and activities to prevent a community-wide outbreak of novel coronavirus infection.


“At the moment, we are making this appeal, we are not going for compulsory closures because Hong Kong is a free society.


“I believe that many of these operators are already taking very strong precautionary measures, that while they are opening their venues for business they are also very concerned about infection.”


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