Quarantined people must stay home

February 10, 2020

Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan today urged people who are under the 14-day compulsory quarantine or those entering Hong Kong from the Mainland to stay home.


Prof Chan made the statement at a press conference this afternoon, where she talked about the implementation of the quarantine arrangement, which came into effect on February 8 to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.


She said Police have conducted about 160 spot checks and found that nine quarantined people were not staying at home all the time.


“They successfully found seven people and then there are two people that they are still locating right now.


“I think it is more important, that is in terms of public health, that these people should stay at home because if we want to reduce the transmissibility or the transmission of the virus, then it is important.”


People who leave their homes during the quarantine period for the first time will be given a warning, Prof Chan said.


If they do not comply and are found to have left home a second time, they will be given bracelets provided by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer to track their locations and ensure that they are staying home, she added.


“If they still do not comply for the third time, we would have no choice but to put them into our quarantine camp.


“So, that is a way to actually ensure that they comply. Of course, that is more for the quarantine, but then in terms of the legislation, we would enforce if they are not co-operative.”

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