Police reject online report

February 9, 2020

Police today rejected a report by an online magazine titled “Police and triads appear on the same occasion”, which alleged that police officers attended a banquet at a restaurant in Hung Hom with lawbreakers.


In a statement, Police noted that the report distorted the facts.


It said the banquet referred to in the report was a private dinner which was held after office hours at the officers’ own expense. It did not involve official duties and public funds and the officers were not required to report for duty after the dinner.  


The officers attending the event that night did not know the identities of other customers in the restaurant and did not have any contact or communication with the customers in the other rooms.


The force expressed deep regret over the report which intentionally gave the perception that the event was related to lawbreakers.  


It said the groundless accusations are ill-willed and sensationalised with intentions to smear Police.  


The statement also said the force always stands against triads and they have a full-fledged strategy to combat triads, plan undercover operations from time to time, as well as proactively block triads' income source and criminal proceeds.


Police severely condemn the online magazine's irresponsible and unfounded report.

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