Quarantine facilities explained

February 9, 2020

The Government today said with the developments and changes of the novel coronavirus infection, it is necessary to ensure sufficient quarantine facilities for combatting the disease.


It noted the three quarantine centres, namely the MacLehose Holiday Village, the Lei Yue Mun Park & Holiday Village and Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp, have reached their maximum capacity.


The Government is actively preparing to convert the Jao Tsung-I Academy's Heritage Lodge into the fourth quarantine centre.


When searching for the sites, the Government thoroughly considered whether the facilities meet the requirements for a quarantine centre including location, overall facilities and infrastructure, environment, the possible impact on nearby residents, as well as the time required for its operation.


It will also ensure that the operation of the quarantine centres meets the stringent requirements.


Security and healthcare staff will be on duty round the clock in the quarantine centres. A transfer service for leaving and entering the centres will be provided to people under quarantine, who will not take part in any community activities.


Entry into and departure from the quarantine centres are not allowed without written permission of health personnel.


According to the prevailing measures, patients confirmed to have been infected with or suspected to be infected by the novel coronavirus will be admitted to hospitals for isolation and treatment.


Whether being arranged to stay at quarantine centres or to be put under compulsory home quarantine, they are not confirmed or suspected cases. They are close contacts of confirmed cases or those who have been to Hubei Province in the past 14 days, and without any symptoms.


To prevent the transmission of the disease in the community with a view to achieving the highest effectiveness of the compulsory quarantine measures, the co-operation of the whole community is indispensable, the Government noted.


It added that the setting up of quarantine centres not only protects those under quarantine, but also safeguards everybody's health. Thus, it is hoped that the whole community can fight the disease together.


Representatives from the Food & Health Bureau attended the Sham Shui Po District Council meeting on February 5 to explain the use of the Jao Tsung-I Academy as a quarantine centre and listened to their views.


On the plan to use Chun Yeung Estate as a quarantine centre, representatives from the Food & Health Bureau, the Department of Health and the Housing Department today briefed Sha Tin District Council members on the arrangement.


However, some District Council members did not allow participating government officers to leave at the end of the four-hour meeting. The Government expressed regret over this and reiterated the importance of rational discussion. 

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