Cruise quarantine completed

February 9, 2020

The Centre for Health Protection today said all those on board the World Dream cruise ship docked in Hong Kong no longer need to be under surveillance for the novel coronavirus and may disembark.


Some Mainland travellers who had earlier taken the cruise were confirmed to have been infected with the novel coronavirus, so tests were conducted on all 1,800 crew members to safeguard the current passengers on board.


The centre’s Chief Port Health Officer Dr Leung Yiu-hong told a press briefing at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal this afternoon that the crew’s test results came back negative.


“The passengers on board actually had no contact with the confirmed cases on the cruise during January 19 to 24. Our plan was that, because the crew members currently on board may have had contact with these particular cases, and therefore, we are now clear that all the crew members have already tested negative for the virus, and so we consider that there is no need for any further surveillance or follow up for these passengers.”


Dr Leung added that the Government made every effort to ensure the test results were conducted as swiftly as possible.


“Because we have mobilised a lot of resources and manpower to collect the specimens of the crew members on board, and so we could manage to finish collection of all samples from the crew members in one day. I would also like to thank our laboratory colleagues who paid their very hard work and effort in processing all the specimens and testing within this short period.”

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