Gov't appeals to cruise passengers

February 6, 2020

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Government today urged those who had boarded the World Dream cruise ship since January 19 to call the Centre for Health Protection hotline at 2125 1122.


The centre’s Communicable Disease Branch Head Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan made the appeal at a press conference today, following notifications that eight travellers from the Mainland who took the cruise ship from January 19 to 24 were confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus.


“It is quite difficult to trace all these more than 5,000 passengers who have landed in Hong Kong. But we consider that 206 passengers who landed in Hong Kong on January 24, they are considered at a higher risk because they shared the same cruise trip from January 19 to 24.


“But the subsequent passengers, maybe they are also at a higher risk than the general population because the crew members may not be changed during the different cruise trips.


“That is why we are very worried about the crew members who stayed and we tried to test all those who had symptoms. Fortunately, all of them have tested negative."


Dr Chuang said as a precautionary measure, health authorities will check the health condition of all the passengers on the cruise ship which is currently docked in Hong Kong.


She also advised those who had boarded the ship to see a doctor as soon as possible if they develop symptoms.


“We are not going to subject them to quarantine at the moment. We will try to call them and check their conditions first and see whether they have any symptoms and whether they had any suspicious contact with the cases.


“However, now is already the 13th day since January 24, so hopefully they are all well.” 

The centre’s Port Health Division officers are continuing to carry out health quarantine work on the World Dream cruise. All the respiratory samples taken from 33 crew members yesterday tested negative for the novel coronavirus.


Another crew member who developed a fever last night, was sent to hospital for treatment and novel coronavirus testing.


Among the passengers, as at 8pm today, one who developed a fever was sent to hospital for treatment and relevant testing, while another eight had mild respiratory symptoms. Samples were collected from those with symptoms for novel coronavirus testing.


Separately, the Home Affairs Department said people staying on board the cruise ship may contact the Kowloon City District Office at 2621 3400, or the Kwun Tong District Office at 2756 0665 for assistance if necessary. Both hotlines work round-the-clock.

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