Class resumption criteria explained

February 6, 2020

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung said the exact date of class resumption depends on the advice of health experts as well as the protective gear supply.


In a press conference this afternoon, Mr Yeung explained that the Education Bureau must consider the Department of Health’s professional advice before deciding whether it is safe to resume classes.


The supply of protective gear, including masks and rubbing alcohol, must also be factored.


“We will discuss with the schools and the sector and see what sort of requirements they have in mind and that would be one factor.


“If there is adequate supply, then there should be no problem. But if there is insufficient protective gear for the schools, then it may be a factor that we may need to further defer the class resumption.”


Mr Yeung stressed the effect on cross-boundary students is another element that will be examined.


“When we consider whether we have to resume classes, we will also consider the impact on cross-boundary students, which is something that we always have in mind.


“Of course at present, they could also benefit from the e-learning that is applicable both to local students as well as cross-boundary students.”

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