Measures for Filipino helper contracts

February 4, 2020

The Government today announced a flexibility arrangement for processing employers’ applications to extend the validity period of their contracts with outgoing foreign domestic helpers from the Philippines.


The new measures, effective immediately, follow a temporary ban by the Philippine Government on Filipino nationals travelling to the People’s Republic of China, including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Currently, an employer may vary the Standard Employment Contract to extend the employment period by not more than one month by mutual agreement between the employer and the foreign helper, and with approval from the Director of Immigration.


Prior consent from the Commissioner for Labour is required for extending a foreign helper’s contract period beyond a month.


To help families who need to extend the contract for more than a month, the Commissioner for Labour has given in-principle consent for all foreign domestic helper contracts set to expire on or before March 31, to extend the period of employment up to May 31, on the basis that such variation is mutually agreed by both the employer and the foreign helper.


Employers in need may apply to the Immigration Department for extending the stay of their foreign helpers by March 31.


The Government hopes the flexibility arrangement can help the affected families so they can continue to retain their current foreign helpers temporarily while awaiting the new foreign helpers that they hired or intend to hire to report for duty upon the Philippine Government's lifting of the ban.


The Government will continue to monitor the situation closely and review the flexibility arrangement as necessary.


It has also been liaising closely with the Philippine Consulate-General to put across a clear message to the Philippine Government that the temporary ban should be lifted as soon as possible.

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