Gov’t responds to call for strike

February 2, 2020

The Government today called on healthcare workers planning to go on strike to reconsider their decision and to continue safeguarding Hong Kong.


In a statement in response to media enquiries, it said various sectors in Hong Kong have been working hard to tackle the novel coronavirus infection in the past month.


The Government thanked and paid tribute to healthcare workers who have been dedicated and standing fast at their posts at the forefront.  


The statement said that the Government understands healthcare workers have been facing extreme pressure recently and some of them are worried that cross-boundary transmission of the virus would overload the public healthcare system.  


The Government agreed with the need to tighten the management of control points and reduce the flow of people across the boundary. It has spared no effort to implement measures to reduce the flow of people, resulting in a remarkable drop in the number of arrivals of Hong Kong residents, Mainland residents and foreign visitors at various control points.  


It is examining the infection continuously and will explore further tightening the management of control points, the statement said.


Meanwhile, to ensure the needs of healthcare workers are addressed when the supply of equipment such as surgical masks is tight, the Government is taking the needs of healthcare workers as a prime consideration.


The Hospital Authority has also amended its fee-charging policy against ineligible people.


At this critical moment in disease prevention and control, the Government called on healthcare workers planning to go on strike to reconsider their decision, continue to safeguard Hong Kong with their professionalism and together, win the battle against the disease.


The Government noted that the management of the Hospital Authority will meet its staff members to listen to their concerns and discuss solutions.


The Chief Executive will also convene a meeting of the Steering Committee & Command Centre to study ways to prevent and control the disease, it added.

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