Gov’t clarifies mask-related rumours

February 1, 2020

The Correctional Services Department (CSD) provided surgical masks to non-governmental organisations before the disease outbreak, the Government said today.


It made the statement in response to a media report which said that surgical masks produced by the department were found in the community.


Owing to the keen local demand, the department has stopped taking orders other than from the Government Logistics Department (GLD).


Surgical masks obtained by the GLD from the CSD will only be distributed to departments in need and will not be delivered outside Hong Kong, the statement said.


The Government added it will follow up if any public officer is found to have stolen surgical masks.


Regarding media reports about the distribution of surgical masks donated by a non-governmental organisation by a political party, the Government pointed out that although the Chief Executive is the honorary patron of the organisation concerned, the surgical masks involved were not provided by the Government.


The Government is proactively increasing the supply of masks through a multi-pronged approach, it said, adding that it will always take the health of Hong Kong people as the first consideration.

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