CHP confirms another infection case

February 1, 2020

The Centre for Health Protection today announced it is investigating an additional case of novel coronavirus infection involving an 80-year-old man.


The man lived in Kwai Chung Estate and presented with a cough on January 19. He started having fever since January 30.


He sought medical attention at Caritas Medical Centre that day and was admitted for isolation.


Later, he was transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital for further management and is in a stable condition.


The centre immediately commenced epidemiological investigations and conducted contact tracing.


According to the patient’s information, he went to the Mainland for a few hours through Lo Wu border control point on January 10. He took a flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Japan, on January 17 and boarded a cruise at Yokohama on January 20. The cruise arrived at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on January 25.


Investigations revealed that he didn’t visit healthcare facilities, wet markets or seafood markets, nor did he have exposure to wild animals during the incubation period.


He lived with his wife and travelled to Japan with his two daughters.


Additionally, the Hospital Authority said public hospitals, as of noon today and over the past 24 hours, admitted 69 patients who met the reporting criteria of novel coronavirus infection.


The patients include 33 males and 36 females aged between 3 months and 85. Their specimens have been sent to the Department of Health for testing.


There are currently 112 patients under isolation, it added.


The authority will maintain close contact with the Centre for Health Protection to monitor the latest developments and to inform the public and healthcare workers on the latest information in a timely manner.


The centre will update reported cases of novel coronavirus infection on its dedicated webpage.

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