Boundary closure not the answer: CE

January 31, 2020

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said complete closure of the boundary control points is not the right answer to the situation Hong Kong is facing in trying to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.


During a press conference this afternoon, Mrs Lam noted that closing the boundary with the Mainland went against the World Health Organization’s scientific-based and knowledge-based advice.


“We should not contemplate restrictions of international travel or trade. And we should not adopt a discriminatory approach in dealing with people flowing between different countries and places in trying to contain the spread of the disease. There are other measures which will help us to achieve that effect.”


She also appealed to public healthcare workers to consider very seriously any plan to go on strike, as patients and Hong Kong’s healthcare system would suffer.


Mrs Lam said medical staff are the Government’s top priority, adding that she has been working with the Secretary for Food & Health and the Hospital Authority to provide whatever assistance they need whether in terms of financial resources or supplies.


“I have been putting them on the first priority of the access to a very limited supply of protective equipment as well as masks, despite there being aspirations for us to share some of this limited supply with the community. So I hope very much that they will also take into account these efforts made and seriously consider their plan.”


She added the Government has already taken a series of effective measures - as proven in the passenger statistics - to significantly bring down the number of visitor arrivals from the Mainland and other places, to reduce the chance of infection and lessen the workload on public hospitals.

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