Masks for medical sector ensured

January 28, 2020

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


One of the Government’s priorities is to ensure an adequate supply of face masks and protective gear for medical professionals.


Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau made the statement at a press conference today, where the Government introduced further measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Noting that masks and other protective gear are heavily sought after locally, across the border and globally, Mr Yau said the Government will tackle the problem by looking into the production, supply, logistics and distribution of the equipment.


"As far as the Government is concerned, our priority is to ensure adequate supply to medical professionals, including the Hospital Authority, and also the Department of Health.


"This will form the bulk of our demand and that’s why we are saying that we will go for direct purchases and also we are tendering out on a global basis to source more. And in fact that’s why I said our overseas Hong Kong Economic & Trade Offices are also helping in widening the net.


"We also need to talk to local retail sectors about the distribution. Now hopefully, after this long holiday, more retail outlets will resume and therefore, if there is stock then they can sell."


He added that the Government will provide help to suppliers if they encounter problems.


"I’ll be touching base with the wider retail sector to see how much more the Government can help and also to work together with them along this line."

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