Advice for citizens who visited Hubei

January 27, 2020

The Department of Health today said Hong Kong residents who visited Hubei Province in the past 14 days should approach staff of its Port Health Division for assessment upon arriving in the city.


If they are asymptomatic, they will be required to wear a surgical mask immediately and self-isolate for 14 days as far as possible, the department said.


They will also be placed under medical surveillance.


The Government on January 26 announced it would restrict Hubei residents and people who visited the province in the past 14 days, except for Hong Kong residents, from entering the city.


People returning from other parts of the Mainland are advised to stay home for 14 days upon their return as far as possible. Those who need to go out should wear a surgical mask.


Citizens and travellers who had been to Hubei Province in the past 14 days but had returned to or entered Hong Kong earlier, should seek health advice by calling the Centre for Health Protection at 2125 1122 between 8am and 9pm.


The centre will update reported cases of novel coronavirus infection on its dedicated webpage.

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