Doctors urge patient honesty

January 27, 2020

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Patients are urged to tell doctors their full travel history, as it is very important for risk assessment and infection control.


Hospital Authority Director (Quality & Safety) Dr Chung Kin-lai made the appeal today during a press briefing on the latest novel coronavirus infection situation.


Dr Chung noted a fine balance had to be struck when considering implementing measures mandating patients to reveal their travel history.


“That is a double-edged sword. Because on the one hand, we want the patients to tell the truth, on the other hand we also want the patients to come and have treatment. If there is too strict a rule or regulations, we have to think about whether we will actually turn some patients away from the healthcare system.”


He stressed that total honesty was key for all concerned.


“If you do not tell us that does not mean the virus will not spread or will not affect you. So the best thing for our doctors, nurses and also our patients themselves is to tell the truth, tell us what happened, what they have encountered.”


Two new imported cases of novel coronavirus infection in Hong Kong have been confirmed, bringing the total to eight so far.


The centre will update reported cases of novel coronavirus infection on its dedicated webpage.

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