CE to attend World Economic Forum

January 16, 2020

Chief Executive Carrie Lam will lead a top-level delegation to this year's World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.


Mrs Lam will arrive in Davos on January 21 and return to Hong Kong on January 25.


Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau, Airport Authority Chairman Jack So and its Chief Executive Fred Lam, Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited Chair Laura Cha and its Chief Executive Charles Li, MTR Corporation Limited Chief Executive Officer Jacob Kam and its Deputy Director Jerry Li, Swire Pacific Chairman Merlin Swire, and the Far East Consortium International Chairman and CEO David Chiu will join Mrs Lam.


During her attendance at the WEF annual meeting, the Chief Executive will address different sessions organised by the WEF and other organisations. She will also meet leaders of various economies, the WEF and the business sector.


The delegation will be out in strength on January 23 for Hong Kong Night, which includes a question and answer session with Mrs Lam and three panel discussions.


She will remind global political, business and media leaders that Hong Kong's enduring strengths and advantages continue to serve it well.


Mrs Lam understands the global interest in Hong Kong and will take the opportunity to engage as many Davos attendees as possible to impress upon them the city's strengths and advantages.


"Much has happened in Hong Kong over the past year, and challenges remain. But our fundamentals remain strong and our future remains bright.


"We are a free and open society and a highly competitive international business and financial hub. This is the message I and TeamHK will take to Davos."


Mrs Lam also said she would stress the resilience and flexibility of Hong Kong and its people.


“This is not the first time we have faced a crisis. We always bounce back - that is the enduring power of Hong Kong. Our enhanced presence at the WEF serves to update, reassure and remind people that Hong Kong is very much 'ON' and will remain a globally significant city."


She added that whether addressing the current social unrest or paving the way for future development, Hong Kong would strictly adhere to the "one country, two systems" principle.


Mrs Lam will also inform WEF audiences that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is dealing with deep-seated issues and would not accept violence in any way, shape or form to resolve them.


"Hong Kong is not alone in facing social problems related to topics such as upward mobility, youth discontent, income disparity and housing affordability.  


"We know we need to deal with these issues, and we will."


The Chief Executive also said she would reinforce the message that Hong Kong remains safe and welcoming for business and investment despite isolated disruptions from time to time.


"Our institutional strengths remain strong, and these are important for international business confidence.


"Our legal system has stood up well. It is our bedrock and is underpinned by a fiercely independent judiciary.  


"The stock market, money market and banking systems are all operating smoothly; so is the airport and port. We have substantial fiscal reserves in excess of US$130 billion to help us ride out the economic downturn. These are very solid foundations which continue to serve us well."


Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung will be Acting Chief Executive in her absence.

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