Meeting on Wuhan cases set

January 11, 2020

Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan today said she will chair a meeting and invite experts to discuss the latest developments of pneumonia cases detected in Wuhan.


Speaking to the media after a radio programme this morning, Prof Chan said the Food & Health Bureau received new information from Mainland authorities, noting that there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission and that no healthcare professionals have been infected.


There are no new cases since January 3, she added.


Prof Chan explained that Wuhan authorities and the health department are doing a lot of work in terms of obtaining more epidemiological information, public health surveillance as well as treating patients in the hospital.


She asserted the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has always been proactive in getting information from Mainland authorities through the existing mechanism of communication.


“In terms of getting the genome sequence, we have already requested it and we are waiting for the reply from Mainland authorities.


“An important point to note is that according to our infection control experts, right now with our laboratory competence, we can also test given the information of the novel corona virus, but it takes a slightly longer time.


“If we can get the whole genome sequence, obviously the time can be cut shorter.”


Prof Chan added that she will chair a meeting to discuss the situation later.


“We are also trying to invite experts. I will be receiving reports from the Centre for Health Protection and also the Hospital Authority in terms of the latest assessment and whether there is any updated information.”

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