Disease contingency plan set

January 4, 2020

The Government today launched a plan that sets out its preparedness and response scheme in case of a novel infectious disease outbreak of public health significance.


A three-tier response level has been adopted in the plan that includes alert, serious and emergency.


Upon the risk assessment of the cluster of cases of viral pneumonia with unknown cause in Wuhan, the Government activated the serious response level with immediate effect.


The serious response level means the immediate health impact on the local population is moderate.


The Government explained that the three response levels will be activated based on the risk assessment of how the new infectious disease may affect Hong Kong and its impact on the community.


The Centre for Health Protection pointed out that the current cluster of viral pneumonia cases in Wuhan can be regarded as a novel infectious disease of public health significance.


The Government will assess the risk from time to time in view of the latest scientific evidence and situation, activate or deactivate the response level and implement corresponding measures, the centre added.

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