FarmFest 2020 opens

January 3, 2020

FarmFest 2020 opened at Fa Hui Park in Mong Kok today and will run until January 5 to showcase a variety of local agricultural and fisheries products.


Jointly organised by the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department, the Vegetable Marketing Organization and the Fish Marketing Organization, the three-day event accommodates more than 380 stalls selling local produce, delicacies, organic or healthy food, kitchenware and household goods.


The theme of this year's exhibition is agriculture and fisheries technologies.


The agricultural zone focuses on promoting precision agriculture and introduces the vegetable factory and smart greenhouse, including the grow light system with tunable spectrum and nano-bubble technology to enhance plant growth.


It also illustrates how farmers can monitor real-time conditions in greenhouses through smart phone applications and remotely control facilities in greenhouses.


The fisheries zone introduces the deep sea cage culture model, a real-time phytoplankton monitoring system and pearl farming.


There are also music and cultural performances, cooking demonstrations and interactive games.


The event is open from 10am to 8pm.


A free shuttle bus service is available to and from MTR Shek Kip Mei Station Exit B1.


Admission is free.


To tie in with the green event guidebook by the Environmental Protection Department and the Business Environment Council, this year's FarmFest provides recycling facilities and a reusable tableware rental service to achieve waste reduction and clean recycling.

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