Youth crime sparks concern

December 30, 2019

Police today expressed alarm that criminals encouraged youngsters to commit crimes over the weekend, revealing the spread of lawlessness among juveniles.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Kwok Ka-chuen made the statement at this afternoon’s press conference.


Mr Kwok said: “Over the weekend, during our arrest operation, we arrested a large number of youngsters and are very alarmed that some criminals incited youngsters to commit crime.”


He added that Police also came across cases where teachers led students in criminal acts.


“These show the spreading of lawlessness among youngsters, who are impressionable and easily misguided by criminals.”


In response, Mr Kwok said Police are maintaining close communication with community service groups to provide assistance to youngsters.


“For example, Police participate in the Community Support Service Scheme run by the Social Welfare Department and NGOs (non-governmental organisations).


“Police will refer underage arrested persons to the department and NGOs, given that they and their guardians have given consent. They will provide professional support and counselling services.”

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