Unlawful, immoral acts condemned

December 30, 2019

Police strongly condemned rioters who inflicted extensive damage on various shopping centres in Sheung Shui and Kowloon Bay over the past two days.


At today’s press conference, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Kwok Ka-chuen said masked rioters vandalised shops and restaurants, and harassed shoppers and diners, young and old.


In the small hours of yesterday, rioters even hurled petrol bombs at a targeted restaurant that they thought was unsupportive of their extremist views, he added.


“Rioters are terrorising the public with their triad-like tactics - whoever disagrees with their violence will be met with violence.


“They claim to be fighting for their rights but they are actually trampling others’ rights to enjoy peace and safety.


“They claim to be fighting for freedom but they are depriving others of their freedom to express dissenting views.


“They claim to be fighting for justice but they are taking justice into their own hands.


“Police strongly condemn all these unlawful and immoral acts of rioters.”

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