Say no to violence: Police

December 27, 2019

Police today condemned rioters’ destructive acts in shopping malls during the Christmas holiday and called on citizens to say no to violence.


At a press conference, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Kwok Ka-chuen said rioters caused damage at various malls, prompting Police to enforce the law.


"Over the past few days, rioters and their supporters inflicted extensive damage on different shopping centres where families were enjoying their holidays. But their holiday mood was ruined by the destructive and selfish acts of rioters who went on rampages in malls in Tai Po, Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui.


“They stormed these shopping centres to vandalise targeted shops and restaurants and to harass diners and shoppers, young and old. Their scheme is to silence those who hold dissenting views and to terrorise the public. Whoever disagrees with their violence will be met with violence.


“This has thrown our city into a state of black terror. The whole society is living in constant fear. Anyone can be the next victim of this black terror. Not only are these masked rioters brutal, they are also shameful. Shame on them for committing crimes and hoping to escape legal liability.


“Police officers are duty-bound to enter shopping malls to enforce the law, to protect members of the public and bring offenders to justice."


Mr Kwok cautioned against supporting such terror.


“If we continue to let this black terror go on, the whole society will soon enter a recession. We once again sincerely appeal to every member of Hong Kong to say no to violence and stand with us to stamp out violence.”

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