HK Watch allegations refuted

December 25, 2019

The Government has refuted Hong Kong Watch’s accusations that Police took brutal action against what the group called "peaceful shoppers and protesters" celebrating Christmas Eve in Tsim Sha Tsui and other areas.


"There is nothing further from the truth in these false accusations and fabrications. Police had adopted a measured and restrained approach throughout,” the Government said in a statement today.


“Only minimum force was deployed in response to the blatant unlawful activities of the violent protesters on Christmas Eve,” it added.


The violent activities included arson, recklessly vandalising shops and the Mong Kok branch of HSBC, blockading roads, destroying 21 sets of traffic lights in Mong Kok, brutally assaulting innocent members of the public, attacking police officers with petrol bombs and charging police cordon lines and unlawful assembly.


The Government noted that such unlawful acts greatly affected public peace and safety and therefore necessitated police enforcement actions.


It also described the remarks by Hong Kong Watch's chairman that "Hong Kong witnessed truly outrageous police brutality on Christmas Eve" as fake, utterly irresponsible and grossly unfair.


"This kind of myth and malicious falsehoods must be debunked forthwith as they have painted an entirely wrong image of Hong Kong overseas. Hong Kong strongly believes in and strictly abides by the rule of law.


“There can be no question of our Police acting against peaceful shoppers and protesters." 

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