HK must end violence now

December 23, 2019

Police today said it is high time that Hong Kong put an end to violence for good and urged people to stop challenging the rule of law.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Kwok Ka-chuen made the remarks during a press conference, saying social unrest and widespread rioting have plunged Hong Kong into a chaotic and panic situation over the past six months.


Mr Kwok said: “Almost every MTR station has suffered varying degrees of damage. The MTR University Station, for instance, was just reopened after being closed for almost one month.”


He noted that main transport routes and harbour crossings have been blocked and over 700 sets of traffic lights have been damaged.


“I am sure you all may ask: When will this man-made disaster come to an end? Restoring public safety and order does not count on Police’s efforts alone. Every sector of society plays an important role.”


He added Police will spend every effort to give citizens a truly peaceful and merry Christmas.

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