Don’t help rioters: Police

December 23, 2019

Police today strongly condemned those who help rioters after they commit radical and violent acts, and revealed that Hong Kong is experiencing an increasing number of hard crimes. 


At a press conference, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Kwok Ka-chuen noted the significant increase in hard crimes such as burglaries, arson and armed robberies since June. 


“Here in Hong Kong, we always take pride in our safety and stability. The rule of law is one core value we hold dear to our hearts. Indeed, last year, we recorded the lowest crime rate in 44 years. Such stability is one key pillar of our society. 


“However very sadly, the reckless acts of rioters have pushed our rule of law to the brink of total collapse. 


“Since June, there has been a significant increase in the number of hard crimes, including burglaries, arson and armed robberies. Just within this month, there have been several cases involving genuine firearms.” 


Mr Kwok also cautioned people against deliberately obstructing frontline officers from carrying out their duties. 


“What’s worse, some lawless people wilfully obstruct our frontline officers in carrying out their duties. For example, in Tai Po last Friday, an offender fired a shot with a pistol to attack Police. When handling this dangerous case, our officers were actually surrounded and obstructed by radicals."


He added that Police strongly condemn such acts. 


“Such ridiculous acts have made our work even more difficult than it already is. In the ongoing social unrest, misinformation and fake news have been used as a weapon to discredit Police. 


“When rioters commit radical and violent acts, many fellows come to their aid afterwards. We strongly condemn such irresponsible and reckless acts.”


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